Last Updated : March 31, 2022

Cookie Policy and Opt Out

The websites and services of Rakuten Group, Inc., as well as those of the Rakuten Group companies that have adopted the Rakuten Group Inc. Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "Us / We / Our" or similar expressions), may track your behavior on their services using certain technologies.

Cookies refer to a text file that is saved to your device when you access a website. In this Policy, "Cookies", is used and construed as a general term that includes also electronic files saved by similar technologies (including web beacons, etc.) and other tracking technology.

We use Cookies in order to improve the user experience and analyze how websites are used. In addition, through the use of Cookies, we may know whether you have ever visited our websites before. Furthermore, on our websites, both first party Cookies (cookies that are set to your device by us directly) and third party Cookies are used.

This Policy provides information on the Cookies we manage (Rakuten’s Cookies) and the Cookies placed by partnering third parties on our websites and services, and how you can manage and control them.
The following three types of Cookies are placed on our websites.

(1) Cookies Essential for the Use of Our Websites
These Cookies are essential for us in order to use the functions of the website, such as moving between the pages and accessing to the secure pages. By refusing such Cookies, the website may not function as requested.
(2) Cookies Intended for Measuring Effectiveness
These Cookies are used in order to collect information on how you use the website, such as the number of the visitors and the most frequently viewed pages. The information collected through these Cookies will be used to improve the performance of the website, including, for instance, making easier for you to find the information you need.
(3) Cookies for Advertising and Public Relations
Based on the provisions of this Policy and the Rakuten Group, Inc. Privacy Policy, we use the Cookies issued by us and third parties for online advertising, creation of reports, and improvement of our services and websites.

Rakuten's Cookie

If you would like to refuse to accept “(3)Cookies for Advertising and Public Relations”, please deactivate (opt out) by clicking on the disable button below. Please note, however, that regular banner advertisements and similar advertisements that are distributed regardless of your attributes and behavioral information, will continue to be displayed. In addition, there may be cases where it is necessary to deactivate (opt-out) again when you have changed your browser, deleted your Cookies, or switched to a new PC or smart device.

Your current status:
On this browser, the status of Rakuten’s behavioral targeting advertisement function is < enabled >.

Third Party Cookies

There may be cases where behavioral information is obtained and used through Cookies issued by partnering third parties.

In addition, we may link Rakuten’s Cookies with third-party Cookies for purposes such as delivering customized advertisements to costumers or measuring advertising effectiveness on websites, applications, and other advertising media.

If you would like information on the privacy policies of our partnering third parties and or would like to stop receiving advertising through such third-party Cookies, please deactivate them via the website of the applicable company listed below.

Cross-Device Cookies and Their Use

Even in cases where you use our websites across multiple browsers and environments, in order for us to seamlessly provide the advertising considered to be appropriate for you, we may link various identifiers (including cookie ID, ADID/IDFA, IP address, etc.) to you. By doing this, we may check or make guess for matches of the different browsers or environments you use in order to deliver the appropriate advertising for you.

In addition, there may be cases where we also receive cross-device information from partnering third parties within the extent permitted under the applicable laws and regulations.

How to Manage Cookies

Most browsers automatically enable Cookies. However, users may choose to refuse Cookies, or to delete the Cookies that have been saved to their device. Please note that the deletion of Cookies may result in websites not functioning normally. For specific information on how to configure Cookies settings, check the help menu on your browser, etc., or visit

How to opt-out from other forms of advertising

Postal Direct Mail (DM)

Please check the URL indicated below for information on stopping our distribution of postal direct mail (DM) .

Email Magazines

Please check the URL indicated below for information on stopping our distribution of email magazines.

Mobile App Ads

We obtain and use advertising identifiers (referring specifically to the advertising identifiers that are generated and provided by the OS installed on the device, namely "Identification For Advertisers (IDFA)" in Apple's iOS, and "Google Advertising ID (ADID)" in Google's Android OS) especially for those of you who use our services via a device, including smartphones . If you would like to stop the distribution of advertising through such advertising identifiers, please configure the settings of your terminal in accordance with the procedures indicated below.